Dear VCISP user,

Please take the time to read this important announcement about your Vulture Capitalist ISP internet service.

You may have recently received an email from VCISP letting you know about an upgrade by Vitalregistration to your internet service. Vitalregistration provide the platform through which you currently connect to the internet and your email and webspace services.

You should have already completed the change in settings outlined in the previous email and on the following website:

If you have not made the required changes please visit this website and complete the simple instructions.

Please note that you will need to make the following changes in order to continue using your VCISP email accounts, webspace and webmail. These changes will come into effect from 1st August 2003, it is important that you make these changes as soon as possible.

Easyconnect users will still "pay as you go" on an 0845 dial up and Easyconnect20 and Easyconnect30 users will continue to be billed at 15.99 per month and 19.99 per month respectively.


You will need to change your email username for logging into your POP3 mailserver, this is normally stored in the email account properties in your mail client (Outlook, Outlook Express etc). This will need to be changed to

Examples: will login to this POP3 account with will login to this POP3 account with


If you currently use VCISP's free webspace facility you need to move your content to a new server:

In order to FTP to your new webspace the username and password will be the
same as the login to your primary email account (as above).
For example the details for your FTP client will be:

Username: <Username>
Password: <youremailpassword>
The URL of your new webspace will be<Username>

To access your old webspace folders you can FTP with your old FTP username and password to (using your old ftp username and password). This will only be accessible until Monday 11th August, so please
download any files that you would like to maintain from your old webspace before this date.


Your VCISP webmail will now be available on the following url:

Customer Services

If you have any problems or queries relating to these changes please contact us on:

Customer Services - 0870 747 3698 (9am-8pm Monday to Friday)

Technical Support - 0906 300 1228 (9am-8pm Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm Saturday & Sunday. Calls to Technical Support line charged at 50 pence per minute.)

Email -

If you would like to cancel your VCISP package please contact Customer Services as above.

Best regards,

Vulture Capitalist ISP Customer Support Team